Can i get the version number of the Google apps?

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Can i get the version number of the Google apps?

Postby frazelle09 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:59 pm

i've got a SIII and my PlayStore and a couple of other apps have stopped working. Since i suspect they are all related to the "Google package of apps" would it be possible to just find this package and reinstall it again? The browser that came with the stick does not now connect to Google Play Store - it's "out of date" or something.

My file browser / E. Strong File Explorer was shot as well, but was able to find an "independent" source to d/l from and have successefully reinstalled it and can at least watch video streaming from my PC again.

The reason i refer to Google package of apps is because on several Android phones running Cynogen, you used to have to d/l and install the Google apps separately due to some legal stuff and the apps came packaged in one package. Maybe it's not the same for our RKM...

We're also d/l the S8B_A{620_141230_v4 image. If i had the original image i could also possibly extract the Google apps. i don't suppose the most recent image and it's Google apps would work with my original install - lol.

My PaleMoon browser crashes when trying to load PlayStore, so i can't use it to d/l and reinstall stuff either.

The Chrome app will not run - period. i did find another Android browser which might work - if it installs - it's called UCBrowser_V10.7.0.636_android_pf145_(Build150903032910).apk).

Have a great afternoon! :)
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