MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby sekl » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:00 am

Roman wrote:Hello, everyone!
I just received my new MK802IIIs and tried to flash it with the latest firmware in a way described in this guide.
The process was unsuccessful and my device seems to be bricked - no video output and not recognized by PC when I'm trying to repeat the procedure.
Is there anything that can be done?

Hi Roman,
Please make sure your blue power LED is ON when you connect an USB cable to the OTG socket for recover. Mine needed some soldering to be done as the manufacture hadn't connected the GROUND wire of the OTG connector.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby Maque » Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:19 pm

Hey, I'm kinda in a problem, my mini usb socked broke (OTC I think it's called, not the power), the first time i used it, so I was wondoring if its able to use the normal usb port instead of the mini usb to connect to the computer via a male to male usb cable? Or if the is any other posibility to recover?
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby Mirko » Sat May 11, 2013 1:38 pm

Recently my device also start to freeze on startup and shortly after that just blank screen, no signal from device. I have tried to recover device in win7 but windows won't recognize it after countless attempts.
I've opened device case and while still holding it in my hands windows somehow recognize it, don't know exactly how. Only thing I could see is that wifi antenna is a bit loose (not well taped on back cover) but can't
see if that was some kind of problem.
After that on win7 go to device manager and install driver from RKBatch1.5en\Driver\folder\64bit\win7 folder, than start RKBatchTool aplication and you should see green color on number 1 connected devices.
Link FW path to 0121-IIIS4G8G\0121-MK802IIIS4G,8G update and press on upgrade and wait update to finish. Now device is working again so I'll see if upgrade is more stable.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby lisaK » Sun May 12, 2013 8:26 pm

Trying to follow the procedures other were gracious enough to post...

I was finally able to get the drivers to load in Win 7 by noticing that when unzipped using the Win 7 unzip function it flags them as encripted (green file title in file manager). Turning that off (properties-advanced-encript) allowed the driver to install with no problem.

I now see the device in windows device manager and it says it is working properly. However when I run the RK batch tool it never sees the device and none of the numbers are lit. Anyone have an idea?

I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers a number of times with no difference. Started with the drivers that came with the current update but I have also tried a set of drivers I found with RK batch tool 1.6 which also made no difference.

The reason I was trying to flash was that it no longer booted, stayed on the boot screen forever. Maybe the hardware is just toast. Any help appreciated.

UPDATE: After trying unsuccessfully on both my Lenovo laptops (xp and win7) I tried it on a Dell and the procedure worked fine. I think that Lenovo has a rockchip usb driver hidden away that I could never replace or delete and doesn't work. In any case I am back to running now.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby Arturhash » Mon May 13, 2013 11:56 pm

Hello. Well it's been a while since i received my MK802IIIS+BT. Yesterday and because 4.2.2 came out in a form of unoficial rom prerooted i decided to flash the FW, everything went well untill i connected the stick on to my living room samsung 720P LCD because the TV when i connect the stick gives me a momentary black screen as if it was goin to normaly show the boot process but then it backs to blue screen giving the message of unavailable function. I tried it in my 24" 720p samsung that's in my bedroom and it works well. Also if i flash back to 4.1.1 it works in the living room LCD again.

Any thoughts!??

Thanks and regards.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby muskrat1 » Thu May 23, 2013 6:17 am


I love this mini computer. And admit that I must of caused the problem I'm having. Installing a 2.0 usb hub. It worked fine the first time I booted up the system. The next time I booted up I got a warning box stating the system should be wiped clean due to a unrecognized UID. I shut down and removed the hub.
Booted up and all seemed fine. Next boot took six tries. And each one after took more tries. And this last one has not worked at all. I just get a no connection
message from my TV. I found this instruction guide and tried it. I get the windows chime when connected and remove the clip. But I never see the Windows dialogue box appear as in your instructions. The blue led is on inside the mini computer. I waited and waited and then I heard the same windows chime from my computer. When I checked the mini computer the led was now out. Connection time out I guess. Is there any help for this unit, or is it now toast?

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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby muskrat1 » Fri May 24, 2013 5:33 am


I will answer my own past post. After returning the unit back to the TV to see if it would boot. I could not get the blue led to lite with the power cord connected to the suggested power connector next to the full size usb. I started to check the connection and saw a blue flicker. Turns out I'm having the same problem I've seen angrily stated in other postings. There is a poor or cold solder joint for this connector on the PCB. I rerouted the power to the second micro usb
and the mini computer came up and online with all programs intact. It does not explain why I was unable to reload the firmware. But now I'm down a connection.
I've seen a usb hub that is sold on the Rikomagic site. I still love the computer. But I have to say I understand the need to manufacture the computer at a cost effective price. But it would be safer if the unit was widened so 2 full size usb's could be installed. My unit is now unsafe. If i forget to unplug it from the wall outlet there is the possibility of a fire or a melt down of the unit. And I have only owned it for two months.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby reskp » Sun May 26, 2013 10:58 am

But does not work at all.
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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby radukc » Sun May 26, 2013 2:08 pm


after many issues with the driver that was part of (20130121) distribution, I managed to install the driver from the following distribution: (20130522) from the package called "Tools for MK802 IIIS/MK802III/MK802IV Update/Recovery" that can be downloaded from this link: This is a 905kB package (the file you download following that link is Batch tool+driver .zip).

With this driver and batch tool I uploaded both the image from 21st of January 2013 mentioned above and the one from 28th of April 2013 that can be downloaded at:

Hope this will help others too :)

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Re: MK802IIIS Flash Recovery/Upgrade Guide

Postby mq109 » Tue May 28, 2013 10:37 pm

Good evening, I'm new at this, I am at more than five hours trying to download the files and I can not! Anyone can leave here another link to download the outset grateful for the attention. :( :( :(
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