HDMI stick with Pioneer AppRadio

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HDMI stick with Pioneer AppRadio

Postby Al-Cambridge » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:00 am

I bought a van with a Pioneer SPH-DA100 head unit already fitted.
I've tested that with an iPad running AppRadio, all seems to work.
No plans to get a smartphone, so I'm trying to install an Android mini-PC ("HDMI stick") to live in the dash permanently.
I chose the Rikomagic MK802IIIS, which has HDMI output and Bluetooth.
I'll share my progress so far before asking for help.

I've got the PC to show a good display on the unit:
Set PC to HDMI mode "1280x720p-60".
On the unit, click the "Android" icon and then click "Ignore" on the connection message.
That gives me the display, and either a USB mouse or Bluetooth mouse to control it.

I've got good sound too through the HDMI digital audio: I'm using CarMediaPlayer, looks like a nice user interface.

I've installed Pioneer's AppRadio app:
Couldn't install through Google Play because my PC is not supported.
Fiddled with Build.PROP unsuccessfully.
Eventually downloaded AppRadio v2.1.0 via Aptoid and installed successfully.

Now I'm stuck at the Bluetooth bit:

When I set the PC visible I'm able to connect to a device "AppRadio", but the PC settings only shows "Use for device audio" and no sign of "Use for input" etc.
The SPH-DA100 shows a "Rikomagic MK802IIIS" but appears to think that it's a phone, listing it with other Bluetooth phones and offers controls to dial out.

The PC does not receive touchscreen input.
When I tap the screen, the SPH-DA100 shows a "red cross" icon to indicate that the touchscreen can't be used.

The SPH-DA100's Bluetooth code is set to "0000", but during some attempts to connect the PC said something like "ensure that the unit is showing NNNNNN" where NNNNNN was a 6-digit code.
That was awkward, because both the PC and the SPH-DA100 are sharing the same screen at that point so difficult to switch in time.
I tried setting the SPH-DA100 to that code, but on my next attempt the 6-digit code had changed to new numbers. I don't actually know which end has invented that code, or why it keeps changing.
As I haven't got an Android phone, I don't know what I'm expecting to see at this point.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions about what I should try next.
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Re: HDMI stick with Pioneer AppRadio

Postby elmaicouy » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:31 am

What you need is an app called "ArLiberator". It acts as a "link" between your pioneer touch screen to your smartphone/android stick, using a bluetooth connection between them. Once installed and connected it sends your touch to the stick and works like if you were touching the stick screen.
Ive tried it with a Pioneer avh-x8550bt and a rikomagic mk802 IIIs and it worked really nice.

Now go, do the same and make your dream come true !

Good Luck !

Denis R.
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