Turning image upside down + overclocking?

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Turning image upside down + overclocking?

Postby fafler » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:25 pm

Hi. I have a MK802 IIIS. It works great, but I have a couple of small issues I'd like som help with.

1) I'd like to turn the HDMI output upside down. This is because I have the monitor mounted near the cieling and the viewing angle is better when mounted upside down. Is it possible to edit the boot scripts or something to achieve this?

2) The box says "up to 1.6 ghz." SetCPU won't let me go above 1.2 ghz. So how to squeeze the last performance out of it? Do i need to edit some settings or use a different kernel? (Imagine if Ferrari sold cars like this. "UP TO 300 MPH! if you change the engine.") I can't seem to find a guide anywhere.

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