New 802IIIs and No Internet

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New 802IIIs and No Internet

Postby richwhit » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:31 pm

I purchased the unit in August 2013 and have just attempted to install on my TV. Unit has Kernel version 3.0.36+, July 9. Boots and recognized WiFi and Bluetooth. Strength excellent, entered WEP. I have no internet. Network icon at bottom right of my screen is blank. Any assistance or suggestion would be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: New 802IIIs and No Internet

Postby twjordo » Thu May 01, 2014 4:28 am

have you tried different security setting on your router? possibly to open network for a brief connection test :?:

it is possible that this units wifi antenna is getting interference from the board... it is easy to determine if this is the issue :ugeek:

this was a known issue with some of the first mk802IV's but could be problem with your mk802IIIs :?:

no tools required - could use a firm piece of plastic such as a guitar pic for pry tool if you want

pop apart the mk802IIIs starting at the hdmi end - take care to not break the clips - have patience doing it and you will be fine

remover upper and lower plastic housing - you should see that the wifi antenna is held onto one of the cases either upper or lower by a piece of tape - gently peel this away and you can re-use it to reapply the wifi antenna if this test does not solve the issue

once you have the motherboard and wifi antenna free from the plastic housing then connect the device with the antenna away from the motherboard and see if your wifi problem is solved.

if it is then you can re-assemble the case and make small hole for the wifi wire to exit the case without crimping the wire and let the antenna be exposed outside the casing

there is a topic with pictures for you to use as reference located here

if this is not the solution then you can try to reflash the firmware - if that does not solve then could be defective chip

are you using a 2000mAh charger for your mk802IIIs ? :?: ?

I am trying to think of all possibilities for you :ugeek:
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Re: New 802IIIs and No Internet

Postby richwhit » Sat May 03, 2014 6:05 pm

Thank twjordo for your detailed instructions.

I removed the board from the case and distanced the antenna. I re-connected the device to the TV, the WiFi indicates excellent strength but the internet still cannot be accessed. Should the IIIs pick up the other necessary automatically after I enter the WEP?

I have the instructions to flash in the booklet that accompanied the device.
I'll try that next.
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