OMX errors

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OMX errors

Postby laner » Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:33 pm

I've got a 802IV with the latest (20141208) firmware running firefox showing a local webpage. This just shows a bunch of images and videos in sequence, but after longer videos I see a load of OMX errors and the next video won't play.

In fact, there are OMX errors at the start of every video, with it claiming not to support ogg/vorbis audo but it plays fine, so I guess it falls back to software.

However, the error that seems to leave the hardware in a bad state (?) is "Rockchip_OMX_ComponentStateSet:583". As soon as this occurs the video plays fine but the next video throws this error immediately and doesn't play. It also says "E/ACodec...[OMX.rk.video_decoder.vp8] ERROR(0x80001000)" right after.

Everything works find on desktop, and all the videos play successfully individually, so I assume it's some kind of progressive error state. I also get exactly the same error transcoding the videos from webm (vp8, vorbis) to mp4 (mpeg4, no audio).

Any suggestions gratefully received!
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