Issues with linux on MK802iv

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Issues with linux on MK802iv

Postby khaledshady » Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:59 pm

Hi all,

We have purchased MK802iv android version from a local store here as there was no linux version, and our proposed application is based on Linux, so we had to install the linux distribution and after a different trials and errors, we were able to install two different versions on two different SD cards, One is the Picuntu 4.4.3 and the other is native Ubuntu 12.04, but unfortunately we have the following problems in both distributions:

1- We could not access our UVC compatible Camera ( Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000) although seen (using lsusb command) on both versions. Our Application is mainly based on this camera.

2- Wifi is working fine, but we are wondering if it supporting the Wifi direct ?

3- Bluetooth is not working on both distributions (Neither the built in one nor using a USB dongle), Will you release any updates regards this?

4- Is there any way to get a serial communication (Half/Full duplex) or a GPIO port with the processor as we would like to have it connected to a button that control it’s functions.

Any solutions guys!

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