MK802 IV getting extremely hot while using MK704 airmouse

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MK802 IV getting extremely hot while using MK704 airmouse

Postby khemist92 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:54 pm

Hey! I recently purchased a MK802IV with an RKM MK704 air mouse and so far Im loving it. There is one problem tho. The unit gets really really hot while using the air mouse but to be more specific, when you use the air mouse in "mouse" mode ( you push that little arrow in the middle of the device to turn it on and off). When turning on mouse mode the CPU load skyrockets and the device gets really hot in a short ammount of time and goes into a bootloop. There is no reason to put that much load on the CPU while using it. I've tested the mouse on my Xperia Z2 and the cpu load barely went up to 10% with 2 cores being offline.

Anyone else ran into the problem so far? Any way to fix this? The device is not really good at resource and power management so far :/

Thanks in advance,

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