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Gqrx Software for MK902II LE

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:50 am
by mauro.messerotti
Dear Sirs,
I have purchased the MK902II LE as a didactic mean for my university students, as on the relevant web page you show a movie where it is used as a software defined radio running the Gqrx package. Furthermore, you claim that you are considering to produce a full SDR based on MK902II LE.
Anyway, when I have tried to download and install Gqrx from the developers PPA, I have realised that it does not work as the most recent version does not work on ARM processors.
Hence, as I would like to use MK902II LE as outlined above (and before taking the decision of not adopting it), I kindly ask you if you can provide me with the software version (PPA or whatever) which is shown to run in the movie on your web site.
Can you be so kind to help me?
I thank you in advance.
Kind regards,
Mauro Messerotti