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Noob questions

Postby bpeugh » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:20 pm

Is there a general time frame when the dual processor MK802 will be out?

And I am sure these questions have been answered but it is hard for me to search for them in this forum. These question are based on the fact that the MK802II would be connected to one power source if not two. I am asking because I don't do much with my computer nowadays and would like to maybe have this as my main one in addition to using it on a TV(shared with a room mate). I am mainly surf, listen to music, watch vids and download torrents and most of the apps I use have a Android equivalent so there should not be much of a transition for me if it works and I would just stay within the ICS realm.

Can you connect the MK802 II to an LCD monitor via a HDMI female to DVI male cable?

Can you connect a 4 port USB hub to the full USB port and plug in a wired keyboard and a wired mouse?

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