MK802 Loses All Data Each Time it is Unpluged

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MK802 Loses All Data Each Time it is Unpluged

Postby TnTBlows » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:55 pm

Went to use my MK802 and everything was gone! Tried to replace apps, but it was no longer allocating any space for apps. I re-flashed it with full formating and for some reason (despite the formatting) everything was back... that is until the next time I used it and everything was gone again, and NO memory allocated for apps again. Tried to re-flash (just to see), but now I cannot get Livesuit to run (drivers load fine...) to even try that.

UPDATE: Livesuit now working... re-flashed/formatted this time everything wiped clean (did not restore back-ups, just started from scratch) cycled on-off several times and everything has been OK. I will update if problem reoccurs. Post replies if you have same problem and this, or something else, works.
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