Installed firmware questions

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Installed firmware questions

Postby DaveJFT » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:41 am

Hi Folks,

I have some questions regarding the recovery firmware...

    Is this purely a re-flash of what is already installed or an update?

    I don’t have my MK802 yet but it’s on its way. If I assume that the device does not come with the latest firmware already installed, would you recommend updating to the latest firmware before starting?

    Does the device now come with Google Play Store app already installed? In andykirby’s early posts I read that it doesn’t and details on how to install it will be coming shortly. Are those details available yet? I also read that those that have accessed the app store find that the original firmware identifies the MK802 as a phone rather than a tablet, so only phone apps are available, does the latest firmware correct this? Is there a “What’s New/Bugfix” list for the new firmware?

    I understand that in order to update the firmware I have to connect the MK802 to a PC/MAC, but PC in my case. Do I have to install and set up the Android SDK and ADB driver beforehand or does the Livesuit update software circumvent this?

    I’ve never tried flashing any Android ROM via a PC before so I’m a total noob to the process. Would someone be prepared post concise step-by-step instructions (in almost anal detail ;) ) on what I need to do to flash the ROM? (Right down to exactly when to insert a paperclip into which hole, how long to hold it there for and when to remove it; when to connect and disconnect cables, etc.; what should be seen on the screen and when; perhaps with photos and screenshots – you know, minute detail stuff?)

Many thanks,

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Re: Installed firmware questions

Postby andykirby » Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:47 am

Hi Dave,

The firmware that was released last week is simply a restore, so you can refresh your MK802 back to factory settings. It is not an update.

New firmware should be available next month, the full list of changes will be posted here in due course.

The current firmware ships with Android Market but the device will automatically update it to google play when you set it up and register your google account.

For your's and anyone else's reference, please see here for information on how to install the firmware, its quite straightforward, I have only run in to problems when trying to install from a Mac running a VM (Parallels) but can confirm it works perfectly on a Windows 7 machine:

Hope this helps.
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