Has anyone received their MK802 yet?

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Re: Has anyone received their MK802 yet?

Postby Spin802 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:41 pm

I received my (white) MK802+ (1GB) yesterday. Am I right that there are 2 versions now? See: https://www.miniand.com/forums/forums/2/topics/1
I have the one with the holes on the bottom side, but the printing on the box says: Allwinner A10/1GHz Cortex AB
/Grtz from The Netherlands. Have a MK802+ (white model with the holes in the bottom). 1GB.
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Re: Has anyone received their MK802 yet?

Postby DaveJFT » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:12 am

Mine arrived yesterday.

After getting the kids to bed I spent all evening 'til midnight playing with it. Set up a new Google account for it, downloaded a few apps, streamed a video and some music from my NAS.

However I am gutted that my Gyration GO 2.4GHz USB wireless keyboard and air mouse are not recognised (it's just plug and play on my PC), whereas my Targa 2.4GHz USB wireless laptop mouse is (that was hard work - it only has a range of 4"! It's surprisingly difficult to work when you're sitting just 1' from the front of your 37" telly). I'm going to start a new topic to ask folks what air mouse & wireless keyboard combos people are successfully using, and what doesn't work.

I really do not like simply pulling the plug to turn it off. It scares me as that has only ever been a last resort on my phone. I feel the topic of another post coming on.
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