Help a Noob with a 1st-Gen?

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Help a Noob with a 1st-Gen?

Postby biRonic » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:00 am

Hi, Guys.
Sorry if this kind of thread already exists (like, thousands of times), but I just got this thing from the junk pile at work today, and decided to see if we can still use it for something. If there's already a valid, relevant thread that will get me going, please just point me there. Sorry again, and thank you, sincerely.

Things I have...
* Main unit (It's white, but has no model number on it or anything like that. So, I'm just assuming it's probably the original, first generation of these things). It has a 'regular' USB port, Mini USB port, Mini HDMI port, DC power adapter port & SD Card slot.
* Mini USB cable
* DC power adapter
* HDMI to Mini HDMI adapter (from Home Depot)

Things that work...
* When I plug the power adapter into the unit, the power light comes on.
* When I plug the HDMI adapter in and connect it to my computer monitor, I see the green screen with the word Android on it.
* When I plug in a USB keyboard (both directly and through a USB hub), I can see that it is getting powered by the Android Mini PC, and I can click buttons on it like Num-Lock and see the light come on, and if I do Crtl+Alt+Del, it reboots the Android Mini PC.

What's not working...
* I can't do anything else.
* When I plug in a USB mouse, I don't get anything on-screen that looks like a mouse cursor or anything (tried both live, and plugged in while off and then booted up).
* Is there some kind of secret keyboard combination that I need to press to get to some menu or something?

What else I've tried...
* I've searched elsewhere online for a user guide or manual, but all I can find are things for the later versions
* Searched this forum to see if there are any pointers to help me get this thing going
* Registered here to see if there's anyone willing to hold my hand and point me in the right direction

p.s. I'm a long-time 'IT guy' with experience in Windows (many generations), Virtualization (many 'hypervisors'), Linux (many flavors), Android (many makes and models) and even Mac (many awkward moments). :lol:
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