Ac3 DTS with Mk802 II ??

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Ac3 DTS with Mk802 II ??

Postby lynckmeister » Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:51 pm

Hi Forum ,

i read a lot of threads but im still unclear if the mk802 II is able to send the original Ac3 or DD or DTS audio stream via HDMI to my receiver or not.
All the threads talking about the audio patch seem to mean only the stereo downmix (which is an dolby surround). Others wrote that after the rev 2 update the stick is not able to progress ac3 streams , but its still unclear if they only mean that there is NO sound at all sent to the output.

therefore the ultimative question : there there anyone out there who receives with his amplifier an AC3 or DTS or DD stream from the ricomagic stick ??

if yes, please provide me which player, which firmware and how to adjust the android to send the ac3 and not a PCM ...

thanks for your help,

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