Open source remote controlled vehicle through an android app

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Open source remote controlled vehicle through an android app

Postby clyde » Mon May 12, 2014 8:17 am

Hello people, i've been an owner of MK802 for quite some time now and i'd like you to check out a project that me and some friends have been working on.

It's a remotely controlled vehicle through an android app, that runs on a MK802 (ubuntu) that's connected to an arduino. And that's all open source (from the code in the arduino, to the android client). Here's a link to the repository:

Originally, this project uses Raspberry Pi instead, but i thought why not use MK802 since its hardware is superior (and it indeed works much faster and smoother than the Pi). The only downside is of course the limited support, a somewhat buggy kernel and that i haven't been able to manage to make a camera work with it yet, so to get live camera feed like we can do with the RPi.
By the way, help with that issue would be greatly appreciated! my logitech camera gets recognized when i run "lsusb" but no /dev/video0 is created and even if i create it manually nothing seems to be able to get the camera working. :(

Finally, i created a video with it today if you want to have a look: ... xMRWNKYjQ/


Doesn't look the best possible with all those cables flying around and the silver tape, but since i'm always changing stuff i can't afford gluing or soldering stuff down permanently. :}

So, what do you think?

P.S. At the registration anti-spambot question i kept answering "linux" and "ubuntu" in the question "what OS the mini pc's use" having temporarily forgotten what their actual OS is. :P
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