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Re: The big fat thread on Wifi

Postby haxin » Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:08 am

Casity wrote:Has anyone tried plugging in a usb wifi adapter? I don't quite trust myself with even removing the case, and the adapter would be a way better option all around.

yes you can use a usb wireless adapter (sort of) i use them for things like aircrack-ng, reaver. wifite, and other wireless hacking. the only thing is, they will work in chroot linux install, and you have to compile and install the modules for your usb adapters chipset, and install a few tools like wpasupplicant, dbus, wicd-curses etc etc. anyways without going into a full explanation, if you arent familiar with building and compiling drivers for different kernel versions and familiar with linux then this is not for you. its alot easier to just open the case and let the antenna out. 2 min and youre done.
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Re: The big fat thread on Wifi

Postby Casity » Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:45 pm

Fair enough. I'll crack the thing open tonight and see what trouble I can get into. I read else-where that the problem might also be solved simply by wrapping the antenna in electrical tape to shield it better. Has anyone here tried that yet? I'm just trying to cut down on steps where I would utterly destroy my MK802.
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Re: The big fat thread on Wifi

Postby strider_mt2k » Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:02 am

haxin wrote:i have a couple different mk802's and an mk802 II the problem with them is the way the antenna is crammed into the tiny case with no rf-shielding or any way to properly position it. this is an omni directional dipole on the inside, that is soldered directly to he realtek chip. a combination of excess heat, and interference from the other devices are what is causing the horrible connection and signal issues. one easy way to fix it is just remove the case (it snaps together) and drill a small hole that the internal antenna can fit through. then let the antenna be outside of the case. this will instantly fix your issues. or you can get a little fancier like i did with one of mine and solder ann RP-SMA pigtail in place of the stock antenna. then you can put any aftermarket antenna or amplifier on it that you want. thats where it can get fun.

That's fantastic!
I have the same hardware laying around, and can easily solder a cable of that type.
Thanks for a great idea!

I have an MK802+ on the way.
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Re: The big fat thread on Wifi

Postby ajsmen » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:40 pm

That SMA connector is just awesome. I can buy a pigtail with SMA connector and solder it, however I am not sure where is the shielding in MKIII. Any help please?
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Re: The big fat thread on Wifi

Postby badkison » Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:34 pm

My wifi worked moderately well when I first hooked up the mk802, but now after about a month the wifi is not connected at all. I thought it had to do with location of PC, but when I moved the device within 1 meter of the wireless router, there were no networks showing. Even when on my phone, laptop, and iPod touch I see my 2 wifi's and about 3 others in the area. Al other devices connect ALL over the house the MK802 is basically dead...

will an external USB wifi work without all the dll and kernel building previously mentioned?, will a USB->ethernet adapter work?, what good is this device to anyone without internet access?

Please help! I set this up for my daughters 4th birthday so she could play lots of education apps without being on the tablet, and after the factory reset (in an attempt to repair wifi issue) all previously installed apps are gone. This stinks! could I use the SD to transfer apps to the device?

thanks for all your help and advice.
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