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RikoMagic MK36 Android hid-multitouch drivers implementation

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:03 pm
by mira
Hello, I really like Rikomagic machine in combination with Windows and Android. They are usable and fast. I would like to use this computer together with LCD television and touchframe. Windows is OK. But the problem is that Android does not detect touchframe (trademark of tochframe is uiWorks). The supplier send me driver "hid-multitouch.c " I should implement to Android kernel. Lets say I am newbie in Android kernel implementation. My question is how to make this ? Is it possible to implement multitouch driver to Android with an easy way ? If not exist any manual how to safety recompile MK36 kernel (step by step) without any risc of breaking computer ? Is it possible download MK36 kernel somewhere ? Can you help me ? I think this topic will be also actual for many other people.