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MK802II - Questions, need help

Postby pandaxiong » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:17 am

I recently gotten this device. need some advise.

1)The micro usb slot near the HDMI area do not seems to power up my Wireless Mouse/keyboard or my Ext HD. after using the micro USB adaptor provided.

2)Whenever the system is boot up, my Ext HD and micro SD card need to be re-pluck in to get detected. Btw, since I am short of 1 MIRCO USB slot due to question 1,I used a USB hub connected to the normal USB slot.

3)do I need to format my SD card using some apps? as in the settings I can see the card, but other apps keep telling me that the SD is not available..something like that..

4)Lastly, do I need to do a recovery from the well explained threat using the phoenix card method to get better stability and functions of the stock OS?

Thanks in advance.
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