How to set a wifi to connect in a linux image

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How to set a wifi to connect in a linux image

Postby lovebes » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:08 am

Hi guys, complete newbie here..

I need help with my situation here. I don't have a HDMI enabled display device, and the cheap HDMI->VGA converters don't work. I don't have the money to spend another $20-30 on a converter that works.

My goal is to run Ubuntu or any other Linux image on the MK802II, and use it as a headless server. However, I can't access the GUI to get to the connect to a Wifi network.

Can anyone tell me what is the steps in setting that inside the Linux image, so it'll automatically attempt to connect to a Wifi network of my choosing, and then also have SSH enabled so I can continue on with tweaking/installing other programs in it?

If anyone can guide me to a source where I can learn, I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you. I tried finding out the steps in doing this but my Google-do isn't too good.
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