Change resolution for old tv that doesn't display?

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Change resolution for old tv that doesn't display?

Postby blulaserstar » Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:28 am

Hi I'm Italian, i have buy the MK8002 II but I have a problem.
I have tu install del MK8002 on old samsung tv Hd Ready, but when I insert the MK800s on the HDMI of the TV, I can't see anything, the tv is black on the HDMI source! It's verry strange becouse in the same HDMI before i see the sat decoder at 1080I
In other tv, two samsung TV, one LG tv plasma, when i insert the MK8002 on the HDMI i can see the computer work.
Online I have read that is a problem of resolution infact the MK8002 output is not standard and the old tv that haven't the scaler can't resize the image. I have change the resolution on MK8002 1080I ... 720P .... but nothing and ... i have try to change DPI on build.prop but nothing!
I can do anything for see the MK8002 on my tv?
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Re: Change resolution for old tv that doesn't display?

Postby Magnus33 » Thu May 02, 2013 12:22 am


Grab one of the firmwares from here and flash your mk802II..many have settings for any display output
I use the Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 firmware and it can output for ever type merely select the type you need from its list in settings.
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