is my mk802 rikomagic or clone? a10s soc

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is my mk802 rikomagic or clone? a10s soc

Postby drspastic » Sat May 18, 2013 7:22 am

hi, i got a '802' from aliexpress with 1g ram (shows as 800 after reservations) and av out in adition to hdmi. i got this for my mini projector because it has no hdmi.
anyway after trying to load some apps something screwed up and it remounted the internal sd as ro. i poked about with adb from the sdk and found cpuid sun5i which points to alwinner A100s SOC. now i need to flash it or restore the root fs with adb.
is this a rikomagic device or another clone? what firmware is good with a10s?
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