Question about .img file type

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Question about .img file type

Postby pirlouwi » Fri May 31, 2013 9:10 am

like some other users, I am in trouble using the standard firmware flashing procedure proposed by Rikomagic:
  • use PhoenixCard to put their .img on an SD card
  • boot MK802ii with that SD card to flash the new firmware
I never got the led off. It is hanging forever.

Nota Bene: my MK802ii was not running the stock firmware, I had flashed it in CyanogenMod10 before. It suspect that it should be the reason of this failure.

I though my MK802ii was definitely bricked, but I found another method in this forum that worked for me:
  • start Livesuit program and choose your .img file to be programmed
  • push on the switch with a paper clip while plugging the OTG usb cable to Windows PC, which makes the MK802ii to be recognized by Windows as an USB device.
  • if not already done, install the usb driver found in the Livesuit package (using the 64bit version is mandatory if your windows is 64bit)
  • Livesuit detect MK802ii in recovery mode, and is then able to flash an .img file in it.

The following method has unbricked my MK802ii, but only in the following conditions:
  • I flash "CWM-recovery-" first using Livesuit
  • then I boot my MK802ii connected to HDMI and keyboard, and I install the OS that I want using a .zip on an SD card.

This methode allows me to burn community firmwares such as AOKP, CM10, etc. But what I would like is to burn a stock Rikomagic firmware.
This kind of firmware is not released as a .zip file. These are released as auto-installable .img files.
If I flash this kind of .img file using Livesuit, my MK802ii is running the install on boot, and it is auto-installing itself in a loop.

To summarize my needs : how could I install a stock Rikomagic firmware, without using PhoenixCard ??

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