Sound and HDMI question

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Sound and HDMI question

Postby fjgaspar » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:18 am


I have an MK 802 II connected to an HDMI 1.4 in a Samsung TV UE40D5000. When I see films with AC3 5.1 sound, I hear the voices extremely low. Searching here and there, I have reached the conclussion that the problem is due to the 2.0 sound system of the tv speakers, which lose the voices channel, so I only hear the residual signal.

So I have think of buying a 5.1 sound bar, and connect it to the digital sound output of the tv.

The problem is that in the TV manual, it says (or I understand it says) that if the source of a 5.1 sound comes from HDMI, the digital output only gives 2 channels (i.e, 2.0 again), so it would not solve anything. It says that in that case, you have to connect the source sound directly to the 5.1 sound system, which is not possible as the MK 802 II just has HDMI output.

How is possible to achieve a 5.1 solution then?

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