MK802 works on Sony Bravia TV but not hp monitor

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MK802 works on Sony Bravia TV but not hp monitor

Postby iansmcdonald » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:57 pm

My Riko works fine on my Sony TV, but when I plug it into my hp monitor...
1. It boots up but with a peculiar purple colour
2. Gets to the opening desktop with all the right icons, and normal color, but...
3. As soon as I click on any icon, the screen blanks out, and about 10-20 seconds later a message pops up on the monitor (generated by the monitor) saying it's "Going to sleep", which implies it's receiving no signal from the Riko.

I have tried...
1. The same cable to connect TV and monitor
2. The same power supply (big hefty one - plenty of grunt)
3. Dancing widdershins around a sacrificed a virgin, naked.

None of these worked. I have no other suitable monitor or TV to try it on.

Any suggestions?
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