MK802 III Stereoscopic Support

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MK802 III Stereoscopic Support

Postby mateo650 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:53 pm

I'd like to know the status of Stereoscopic 3D output support in the MK802 III. My questions:

With the Rev 2 Firmware I seem to have lost 3D support.

I use a DLP 3D television and would like to be able to display 3D modes. I get the message on my mk802+ that "The Display Device Not Support 3D" now.

My questions:

-Can the MK802 III support decoding of H.264 MultiView Video Codding (MVC) files? This is an amendment to H.264 to support 3D that is utilized in the "Blu-ray 3D Specification"
-What 3D input formats does the MK802 III support?
-What 3D output formats does the MK802 IIIsupport?
-Does the MK802 III use HDMI 1.4 signalling in order to display 3D video? Is that why I am getting the message about my display device because it predates HDMI 1.4?
-Is there a way to force 3D output without getting that message?
-Is there a way to please enable "checkerboard" (pixel interleaved) 3D output?
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Re: MK802 III Stereoscopic Support

Postby jumpjack » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:32 am

Any news?
Which rikomagic devices are enabled to 3d stereo anaglyph playing? (I do not have a 3d TV)
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