WiFi not working at all

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WiFi not working at all

Postby Joop Klijn » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:11 am

I bought a Rikomagic mk802iii through ebay from a chinese vendor.
It has firmware on it with date november 29th.
Everything seemed to work OK except WiFi.
When set ‘enabled’ it just did not ‘see’ my network, even when sitting right next to the access point.
I took all security out of my accesspoint (so made it an ‘open’ system), and
using the + sign I entered my SSID manually.
No result. It just says ‘Not in range’.
My laptop , tablet and smartphone see the WiFi signal without any problem.
After some correspondence with the chinese vendor they sent me a replacement.
But unfortunately that one does exactly the same: ‘Not in range’.
Any suggestions?
Joop Klijn
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Re: WiFi not working at all

Postby Joop Klijn » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:04 am

In addition to my question:

I have a 4=port modem/router without wireless, and an Asus type WL300g accesspoint connected to one of the 4 ethernet ports.
Normally I operate the accesspoint with WPA2 security, but in the efforts to pursuade the mk802iii to see the AP I temporarily made it 'open'.
So far, I had not had any problem with connecting to the AP, including my Android tablet and many visitors with Android phones.
Rather than following your laptop-wifi-share suggestion, I hooked up an old router with wifi (11b) that I remembered I had.
And that one the mini PC connected to without problem.

So it seems that returning/exchanging the mini PC was not necessary at all.

But it still leaves me with the puzzle why it does not want to see the Asus AP.

Although it would seem that I (we) are about to solve my connection problem, I have another question that I would like to submit.

Wondering how I could use the 802iii without the built-in wifi, I
tried a mini WiFi USB dongle I happen to have, plugged into the USB hub I use.
No luck, so I think it requires a driver.
The dongle is a Realtek 8188C, and I found a linux/android driverfile for it.
But I don't know how to install a driver into the 802iii.
Rather than the Windows driver file I have for that dongle (just double click setup.exe) the linux/android file more or less seems a toolkit for programmers.
Joop Klijn
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Re: WiFi not working at all

Postby fionex » Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:45 pm


I had a similar issue. There could be several reasons for this and some of which I'm still not sure what they are - assuming you are actually hitting the SCAN button.

The first thing I noticed was that my TV was essentially destroying any RF signal before it can reach the mk802III - you can test this by moving the device towards the edge of the TV while it's still plugged in. The signal will improve as you move it away. Also, people recommend using a shielded cable with a ferrous ring to reduce the interference from the cable.

The second thing I noticed was that although the MK802III might see a network, it will have a hard time connecting or sending/receiving data when it's connected. The main reason for this is that your wireless router has a strong transmission power but the MK802III does not. Move the router closer to the device but avoid having it within 1 meter of the MK802III.

Some RF keybaords will interfere with the wireless signal. Try without having a keyboard plugged in and see what happens.

Your wifi settings should have the following:
mixed mode enabled - B/G/N
Channel width: 20mhz (not 40mhz)
encryption mode can be WPA I or II - the MK802III works on both.
Try different channels to optimize the signal.
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Re: WiFi not working at all

Postby Fulcrum » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:30 am

Why is it important to have the channel width set at 20mhz and not 40mhz (turbo)?

I ask as I have just recieved my MK802IV a week ago, and wifi on it is poor. I'm not sure if I'll return it. So to increase the wifi signal, I literally have the MK802 IV sitting on top of a 2nd bridged router (D-Link DIR-601 with DD-WRT firmware). I currently have the modem set at 40mhz signal.

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Re: WiFi not working at all

Postby Fulcrum » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:02 pm

Since my last post, I added a USB to Ethernet adapter which provides a LAN connection. The speed is now where it should be... Great!

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