Which version of MK802 do I need to play games?

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Which version of MK802 do I need to play games?

Postby Doubleneon » Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:50 am

I'm a noob to these mini devices, but intrigued non the less. Here is what I'm looking to do (I have searched forums, but still need extra clarification).
1st question:Which version will allow me to play MAME (mostly games from 80s-early 90s like Double Dragon or Final Fight), also like play PSOne games. Which ones run the smoothest... I'm tired of having all the consoles take up room.

2nd question: Is there a long waiting period to boot up the mini pc or switch between applications like different emulators?

3rd question: it seems the Logitech Rumblepad version 2 is the most reliable to run these games...is this true?

Thank you to any or everyone that can weigh in thir opinions.
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