Ricomagic locked up

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Ricomagic locked up

Postby Krillan49 » Thu May 02, 2013 10:49 am

After three months I got a problem with my Ricomagic III that totally locked after a couple of minutes watching streaming wideos. After power off and power on it start up and was working ok but when initaing the streaming wideo app it became locked again after a couple of minutes. Ricomagic support told me that it probably had to do with the power supply and asked me to test with an Android mobil power supply insted of powered by USB. I did not belevied that the power supply was the problem, instead I thoght it had to do with heating. I tested to remover the cover and since then there haven't been any problem with a locked Ricomagic, It workes just great now! Maybe it is not a heating problem and instead the problem maybe is caused by that the cover press on some sensitive part on the printed circuit card? Anyhow my Ricomagic works now great with the cover off.
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