No matter what I flash, MK802III will not let me in!!

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No matter what I flash, MK802III will not let me in!!

Postby just4747 » Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:36 am

Hey guys,

Previously had a 4.1 ROM running fine on my MK802 III, but yesterday I did a few things and one of them screwed it up. I can only remember putting a microSD card in and then unmounting it, but I think I also unmounted the NAND flash (or whichever on-board memory was not the smaller Internal memory) in the Storage settings menu.

Something within those actions caused my device to now NEVER let me get in the OS - first, it was booting and gets to the wallpaper, but then every time, it comes up with the App chooser for launcher, with choices between Nova and Launcher, but I can never select either. I have tried choosing either launcher but when I chose one, it just kept going back to the choice screen, never letting me get to a launcher.

I tried flashing a few other ROMs, by putting the on an SD card and booting with it in, and it always seems to successfully flash, but I still only either get this launcher choice problem, or in my current situation, I am getting a Launcher force close message mixed with a SystemUI force close message!! No matter what, I cannot do anything in the device, no Settings, no Root Explorer, nothing - I am stuck at one of these dialogue screens always, with only flashes of the wallpaper and buttons.

I don't understand how it is having SystemUI and launcher issues, even after I have flashed 2 different ROMs, wtf??

I have tried the 11/29 802III firmware and the 5/10/13 firmware, and same issue on both.....
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Re: No matter what I flash, MK802III will not let me in!!

Postby Hans » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:11 pm

Have you tried the recovery, by short circuit method , This worked for me ( all instructions included in the download)
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