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Picuntu Linux for the MK802III

Postby andykirby » Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:22 pm

Just a sneak preview of what's been going on in the last week. We are so excited that we can now run Ubuntu (Picuntu) on the MK802III, which makes it one of the fastest, smallest, dual core desktop computers in the world!

Introducing Picuntu Linux for the MK802III !!!

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Re: Picuntu Linux for the MK802III

Postby coldfusion.tutor » Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:22 am

Can you show some details on wiring the USB cables so that the keyboard and mousepad work?
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Re: Picuntu Linux for the MK802III

Postby cyclepathology » Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:39 am

What's the screen resolution? Every version of picuntu I've seen before did not support a 1366x768 display. On a motorola lapdock, it would fall back to a resolution that kind of worked if you didn't want to read the screen. If it would display at 1366x768, it would be usable.
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Re: Picuntu Linux for the MK802III

Postby ivo22bg » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:59 pm

About Mali-400 GPU hardware decoding:
Source code for Mali GPUs Kernel Device Drivers, UMP Device Drivers and DRM Device Drivers under GPLv2 licence
http://malideveloper.arm.com/develop-fo ... e-drivers/
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