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MK80LE SDK and DVB-T support questions

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:52 pm
by mately
Hello folks.

I've just bought myself an MK80le and, after some tinkering and customisation, am now ***fairly*** happy with the device.

This seems a very quiet forum, but a few questions nonetheless.

1: Has anyone got a link to the SDK, sources or other stuff needed to compile the MK80 firmware?

2: Can firmware for the Draco AW80 run without problem on the MK80?

3: When is the graphics acceleration going to be properly integrated and transparently usable by all programs?

4: Has anyone tried running either android or linux from an attached sata harddrive?

5: Has anyone got an easy solution to the lack of MK80le DVB-T support? (AF9015 recognised but no driver, it9135 not. Neither playable in VLC.)

6: Can I replace the supplied VLC with a version that supports streaming from a capture device (or desktop), or is it specially tweaked to work with the MK80le? If tweaked, what was tweaked?

7: Finally, will installing any other linux video stuff damage whatever RKM have cobbled together to support video acceleration?

All comments and input welcomed - and all the best.

- mately